Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14,2014

(#2) Paclitaxel & Bay 80-6946 Infusion

I've been so busy at MD Anderson Hospital after we had consultation meeting with Dr. Booster on March 13. I'm so pleased with my team group Dr.'s and nurses they're here to help me cure the cancer that remained and spreaded. After surgery I had to wear compression sleeve and glove given to me by surgeon. I've been diagnose with Lymphedema and attended 1 class therapy. On Wed. I go to therapy here at MD. And I give blood work every Wednesday. We're mostly at Md Anderson hospital booked with appointments. It's a total of 12 Chemo Treatments ending on May 20,2014. I was tested for BRCA1,BRCA2(breast cancer 1and 2).  (Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer) gene analysis. My results came back and they were Negative!!!!! That was a blessing for the family.
Side effect on new treatment last week I was nausea one day I took one Ondansetron pill and it helped. Other then feeling fatigue. I'm still on pain management controlling pain on my left arm Dr says tumor is squeezing my arm nerves. Shoulder gives out I can't shop no more than 30 min. The left side of my neck  I have to watch cells aren't getting bigger size. My chest is improving with first treatment I see where it's drying up and all the oozing pus coming out and has bad odor. I'm taking pictures after each treatment to see if it's improving. All my medications were changed now I'm on Oxycontin 20milli,every twelve hrs. Oxycodone 5milli. Every 4hrs or pain,breakthrough .  I'm taking Synthroid for thyroid. Gabapentin for nerve pain on arm. Side effect I could loose my hair so I'm putting my recent picture of me. I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend. Take Care . 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23,2014

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating my blog. Honestly I've been through good and bad days of just pain on left arm,and shoulder. I had stitches removed on Fri. 3-21-14. From my surgery on the left side only.
I'm still trying to heal thoroughly so I can lay on my sides. I'm careful when I lay myself down to bed.
Both of my arms the lymph nodes were removed so the incision were longer to armpit. The left side where I have the outer skin modules and it's right where I have my stitches that area it's irritated.
The cells on my left side of the neck those are still there. My consultation with MD Anderson as a new patient registration and Dr.Booser on 3-13-14 . On 3-17 I had blood wk done .Results were good.
Cat Scan of Chest w/dye . Results Lungs are clear Good!  Needle Aspiration Biopsy Results I'm a Triple Negative . Image of bone,and whole body. Results were Good!  I had Cat Scan on Stomach w/dye  waiting on results.. I had 5 appts. On one day. On 3-20 I had appts for Genetic consultation. Waiting on those results. I met with Dr for Chemo. On fri 3-21 I met with dr on Research chemo  drugs. Dr.Mercy will check on benefits and schedule my appts.
Please keep your prayers coming .All your prayers and calls have been such an inspiration and just reminds me daily how blessed I am to call you familyan friends.
Love and Miss You'll 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pathology Report Results

Family and Friends,
I met with the breast surgeon on Thursday Feb 27 to discuss the surgery results.  Beginning with the right side mastectomy; 22 lymph nodes were removed and tested 19 were cancerous. On the left side mastectomy 21 lymph nodes were removed and all were found to be cancerous. My panel of doctors have suggested that I seek a second opinion with the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center. I am still having the pain in my left arm near the elbow. Dr. Ricardo has referred me to a pain management doctor who will be contacting me soon. I also have an appt with Dr. Shalan next Monday to receive a oncologist referral to begin treatments at MD Anderson. 

Thank you all for your prayers throughout this and God Bless.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Surgery February 19, 2014

Good Morning My Family and Friends,
I wanted to post an update regarding my surgery this past Wed.  The morning began at 3:30 am as I had to be at the hospital at 5:30. I met with the anesthesiologist and entered the operating room at 6 am. The last thing I remember is being wheeled to the operating room before falling asleep.  The  Surgery was expected to last about 3.5 hrs but my surgeon encountered more than what was expected. The first half of surgery was aimed at removing my right breast but in the process she found the cancer had also spread to the lymph nodes in this breast as well. Dr. Ricardo was able to removed all cancerous lymph nodes and my right breast.  In the previous months I had bad pains in my left breast and arm which had been increasing heavily in the recent weeks leading up to surgery. The second half of surgery was to focus on the left breast where the tumors were initialy found. Dr. Ricardo removed the affected lymph nodes and left breast but soon realized the cancer has attached itself to a nerve in my left armpit.  My surgeon stated she injected my chest muscles with some form of medicine to relieve pain. I was released from the hospital yesterday evening and had a painless nights rest. The first priority is to begin a full recovery from surgery before beginning the next treatment of radiation.  

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers along this journey. 


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Surgery Update Feb.19,2014

Sorry this is late ,but I've been in a lot of pain. I went to visit Surgeon on Feb.5 and she prescribe Tramadol for  pain . The pain medicine will let me rest but the pain is getting worse. It's affecting my left  
Armpit down to my wrist. Lymphedema comes when you have lymph node removed and causes arm to swell. I can feel all my dead cells on the armpit and l lymph nodes especially at night when I'm trying to lay down. The pill harden my breast and pulls lymph nodes it's been rough nights. Underneath breast I have 3 small molds that came out and it's painful. Surgeon will do a biospy on them on Wednesday to make sure they're not skin cancerous. I called Surgeon Wed 12th told her I couldn't take pain anymore can she move my surgery date. I will have Surgery Wednesday Feb.19.....
Please begin to pray for knowledge and wisdom for the doctors and for healing from surgery.

Monday, January 27, 2014

# 8 Cycle

Sorry for the late update. I had my last chemo treatment on Tuesday 21st. And that was one of the greatest reliefs of this journey...Thank you for your prayers, and for walking hand in hand with me in this   
 I will be having surgery on Feb.24,2014
That's 3 weeks from now and enough time for me to get strength for my second journey.
I probably won't be able to update my blog after surgery . I'll get my daughter to give you'll and update. Last nite I had a restless nite couldn't fall asleep my back was aching my knees were aching feet tingling. I have been a little tired because of this effects. I am just thankful that it is the last and that these next couple of weeks will be emotionally and physically for me. 
Thank  You all again for caring,